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FA United 3: Join us in Mt Laurel NJ, May 28-30, 2010

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And now, for the long-awaited announcement:

FAU3 will take place at the Mariott on Rt 73 in Mt Laurel, NJ on May 28-30, 2010. This hotel is in a much nicer location than Newark (you can even see some trees!), with easier access to local food and attractions. Oh, and there's even a water park!

And yes, that's right -- 2010. We pushed FAU3 back to 2010 due to the economy. We saw where it was going, and felt a small con in 2009 would be a high risk.

By the way -- folks following @faunited on Twitter heard it first! :)

We're still thinking of doing something small in 2009 (the much-rumored FAU2.5), but it's still in the planning stages.

In the meantime, we're still transitioning our website and email to a new host. So if you have any questions, leave a comment here, or send us a message on Twitter!

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