Fur Affinity United Volunteers!

Howdy guys!

Fur Affinity United 4, the regions local furry convention, is coming up very quickly! We have about 15 days until the event!

I'm helping out with what I can at the event and I've recently been approached to ask if I can help the volunteering section out!

Every convention needs volunteers, they help watch over headless lounges, check badges, and are all around helpful folks! FAU is no different and with it coming up so fast we want to make sure we have enough help to make the convention a success!

Of course there are perks to advertising other than that warm fuzzy feeling!

You can get a t-shirt for 4 hours.

You can get a free registration for FAU:5 after dedicating 8 hours!

And you get a free super sponsorship for FAU:5 if you dedicate a whopping 12 hours, and you still get the shirt!

All that for helping us make a great con for the regional furs! It's a win/win!

If you want to lend a paw and get a free shirt in the process please send an e-mail to volunteers@faunited.org. This will get directly to the folks that can help put you in the fast lane to helping out the con!

Looking forward to seeing you there guys and hope you can help us out!

For more info check out the official con website here: http://www.faunited.org/volunteer_information.html

FA:U Badge pre orders! OPEN

I am officially open for FA:U Badge commissions, badges specifically.
I do not have a table in the dealer's room there, but I can do badges, and maybe sketches, to be delivered at the con.

If you are interested please comment to claim a slot. :3
Be aware I am still very in school thus turn around might be kinda slow, but the semester is almost over, and badges are highly portable!
Sketches also will be easy to complete before the con!

I am going to offer three kinds for pre-order. Once I am done with those, given time I may open up for more. Please comment to claim a slot!
Tiny Portrait $7 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4951278
Standard Bust Badge $20 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4894976/
Bust Badge on Toned paper $25 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4894996

These badges come laminated and with clip! The tiny portrait badges are about 2x2 while the others are standard 4x3/4x5.

Sketches are done on 9x12 Bristol board with graphite and are $15!

Payment can be made via Paypal.

Again please comment to claim! Or if you have any questions~!

FAU3 - Great Success!

I'd like to extend a huge "thank you" to everyone who attended, staffed, or otherwise helped FAU3 be as excellent as it was.  Even with all the running around I did as chairman this year, I had an excellent time, and it's due entirely to all of you!

One of my favorite parts of the convention is honestly our charity.  I was proud to be able to announce nearly $2,500 in donations to the New Jersey SPCA - that's over $600 more than last time!  These men and women bravely risk their lives to defend those who cannot, and they deserve all the help we can give them.  Special thanks to our representatives from the SPCA "Big Al" and "Leagle (Legal Eagle)" for joining us again this year.

Our bands this year were true champs as always!  Calamity Menagerie played some excellent music with some unusual instruments, and Tricky Shoes did some awesome covers as well as truly excellent original songs.  On Saturday, Matthew Ebel drew one of the largest ballroom crowds we've had at FA United, second only to 2 the Ranting Gryphon who had the crowd rolling.  Thanks also to DJ Recca for closing out Friday night, and to DJ Genki and his band A.I. for closing out the ballroom on Saturday.

And of course, FAU3 wouldn't have been what it was without the help of Stephanie Corro and the rest of the staff of the Mt. Laurel Marriott.  If there is one favor you can do for these guys, please write a letter to Bill Marriott praising Stephanie and the whole crew.  His mailing address is: Bill Marriott, c/o Marriott International Inc, 10400 Fernwood Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20058.

A few numbers again this year:

2458: Dollars raised for the NJSPCA
510: Total attendance
500: Slices of bacon served at registration
76: Fursuiters counted in the parade
64: Age of our oldest attendee
11: Age of our youngest attendee
1: MTV employees removed from the property

FAU3 may be over, but we're always looking ahead - planning for FAU4 is already under way!  If you have any comments, questions, or suggestion for improvement, please share them with us here, or on the Fur Affinity Forums, or by email to feedback2010[at]faunited.org.  We can't promise we'll personally respond to everyone, but we will read all of your comments.

Thank you, and see you again in 2011!
Glowing Mundo Gira

Fursuit Pics

Does anybody have pics of my two fursuits Gibbs and Anthony, either Gibbs(L) in his luchador outfit or regular and any kind if pics of Anthony(R)?


You can link them to me here or e-mail me at baccala30@live.com
Looking foward to seeing some. Thanks.  :)
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