Cray (craydrygu) wrote in faunited,

Thanks For an Awesome Time!

Wow, what a great con! We'd like to thank the furry community for helping us make FA United 2007 one of the most successful first-year furry conventions ever. You made our charity raffle a huge success -- the folks from the Lakota Wolf Preserve absolutely love you guys. Thanks to all of our volunteers as well; we couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to our Guests of Honor Blotch and Roxikat, for their unending support. And thanks to Sicamor Rooney and The Gay Blades for bringing the house down on Saturday night.

Final Attendance: 310
Fursuiters: 25
Money Raised for Charity: $1,500 $1,600

Now we know lots of you took some great pictures -- why not share 'em with your fellow furs? Come and join our Flickr group, post links to your photo galleries in our thread at the FurAffinity boards, or in our new Post-Con Discussion forum.

Also, for anyone who'd like a t-shirt or conbook who didn't get one, keep an eye on our site -- we'll be offering them up soon.

Thank you all again, and we hope to see you in 2008!

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