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FA united recap with pictures

This post was transfered from my own journal

It was 2 or 3 weeks ago I went to the Raleigh local sci fi convention with d_l_leonine, freecat68, wally_wolf and Jaeger Fuchs. During the con I told Jaeger the idea to go up north to visit Foxwell, and that reminds him about FA united, so I considered it for a while and decided to attend the con after all (only 1 hr away from NY anyway)

So I pack everything ready and going north Thursday (8/16) afternoon, but I didn't actually left until around 5pm = ="" About I drove around the edge of Raleigh I got the phone call from tig_wolf, saying that Jaeger's plane was been delayed for at least 3~4 hours in the airport due to the bad bad weather in NY.

I then drove back and forth to Raleigh a couple times to see if I need to go to Charlotte to pick up Jaeger, fortunately his plane was able to leave after all, I started my journey again, it was around 9:30 pm

The drive was better than I expected, thank for my ipod and energy drink I drove all the way up to DC area the first night/morning. Energy drink has its limit so I have to stop and rest before I drove again, but at the same time energy drink still kicking its last few effects on me so I was struggling trying to sleep. With less than 4 hours of sleep I arrived at the hotel by 9 or 10 in the morning, with heavy rain and one broke wildsheld whiper (highway around that area is super scary, a wrong turn and you are going to hundreds of miles to another place....I guess)

There were not many people at the con by the time, later I went check restaurant I met up with Dex, shortwave81, tig_wolf , and Jaeger!! (his flight arrived by 2 in the morning)

We went to get some alcohol, and moved my stuffs into their room, everyone suited up for some fun (ack me only non suiter in tha room :P) met durangodingo and finnishfox by that time period :3

me is cute :3 *snugs Tig*

badger........shirt pretty much said everything lol

we all went back to the room and change, got drunk lol and such, Dex showed cake dukefawks how to do card tricks, I tried it and was really interesting, but more interesting to watch Dex do magic shows lol

everyone jump back in suit again *sighs* except me :P

put a talking dialog for them :3

ohh and this one as well XD (damn crappy picture)

can you read the hidden message on my back?

hmmm what are you talking about?!? *hides back*

someone's paw was being naughty lol

I remember I met tzup and trigger fox at registration line, when it was long long long and was not moving in 30 minutes LOL

here is Tzup with two other canines :3

foxwell came after work and I gave him a big hug, and after that I been introduced to Dreamwolf and Ras (unknow specie XD) and pretty much stay and hang out with them the rest of the day

Since cake brought foxwell's suit for him we head over to cake's room and took the suit back, and so funny to find out where cake hide his key card at (*beep* not under his crotch you furver). His room is quite moisture for fursuit, nothing dry up too quickly and foxwell's suit was like came from a washing machine.

Cake decided to do some make up before his date, and here is the result LOL

There was one event that's not on con schedule online, which was the "save sex" pannel, it sounds ridiculous but I still am really appreciate for this pannel to happen. One of my closest friend is suffering through this pain right now and maybe for a very long time *sighs and hugs him tight* so I hope this pannel will keep alive in other cons as well.

So here we are, the safe sex pannel, sadly the presentation person didn't had a zeta toy to put condom on lol and.......guess who was cake's date for the night?
Dex asking cake to have some fun tonight, but cake refused. Based on presenter's order XD

went to dinner and unknown for rest of the night :P I remember we totally missed the dance, met jimmy wolf jimwolf24 exchanged hugs :3 and foxwell said he like to have a drink so we went and get something in the bar, foxwell got a beer and I got a rum n 7

After we got drunk, back to the room, found out there are like 20 people in the room and drinking, I don't like beer so I shrink myself in a corner (not being emo) and finished the badge for Jaeger, which was the one he wore the entire con (feel honored). Crashed back at Jaeger's room that night (dress in dive skin)

8/17 Saturday
wake up still in dive skin (omg I love it :3) snuggle with my roomies then head over to for brunch with everyone (because we all missed babyfur breakfast lol, nahh just joking, no offense) (ohh wow, jbadger was there too :3 and again he was SMILING!!) I also made a origami UFO to steal some fries from Dex for me ;)

Seth otter balloonfox and rooterhusky were taking picture of Seth otter himself, soooooo me and Jimmy wolf took picture along with them

I met kody_wolf and savant_da_rat at the same time Seth otter's baby sitting himself *giggles*. Went to the game room played some king of fighters 98 (haven't play it in ages) and totally not familiar with the controller. Caught up with provolvere when he got himself and his GF registered. Went to JD's performance pannel and Provo's platypus got bitten by unknown suiter during that time period. JD So all of us includes dreamwolf went to Masquerade, surprisingly Foxwell was not in any of the skits (well not many people prepared skits anyway)

The first skit was really really unique, performed by ahh...these suiters plus cake and one runner

the reason why it's unique was because there was no back ground music at all. All the suiters were doing their own voice act, and it worked perfect for that skit!! I hope anyone would update that skit online soon, so awsome funny XDDDDDD . The rest of the skits are as good as ones in big cons too. After Masquerade Pinkuh was offering me to join her NYC trip but I was still running here and there with suiters :(

On schedule there was a cocktail hour all of us been waiting for, went there and found out it's for sponsor and funding members only (really really should tell people ahead of time, kinda disappointed :P I think same with one concert after the cocktail time as well, sponsor and funding members only)

So with what I can do, dreamwolf and me went hang out at tea party instead (ahh yes with plushes and little girl asking if her plushes Mr. boowee and Mrs. flowery need more tea or not, thank you). In fact the party was really great, but we missed all the good food :( I had 3 bags of chips and some nice tea and that's it.

Provo and his GF found us in the tea party, we all wanted to draw and relocationed many times, finally settled up in one empty room. Shy Platypus *hides into pencil bag*

we drew till very late that night, Provo and his GF and dreamwolf n me all had fun drawing, I drew two pictures on one page for Provo, and provo drew himself transferm into platypus for me lol and yes, I did that creepy blue thing in the middle with help lol (too big)

Provo and his GF then left the hotel after we drew because they need to be back for some reason, but it was really grate and fun drawing event for us.

I forgot what happened that night, I went back really late again :P

8/12 Sunday
After I wake up everyone was already up and clean the room, moved stuffs over to Tzup's room because it needs to be checked out. Packed my things too and moved to foxwell's place (with dreamwolf's help, thank you so much! *hugs*) and especially thank Jaeger for cover me of the room fees *hugs tight*

I had breakfast with JD, Kody, and Savant (in different table), did a napkin drawing for JD and Jimmy wolf. We all finished the breakfast soon as possible and went to parade. Foxwell found two trash can tops since there was no instrument (nor Yappy fox!!) My battery was dead by that time so no piccy except this one

and this one

we had 25 fursuiters in parade weeeee XDDD (I think?) JD was posing a really beefcaking picture for me, I will update it soon *wowz at JD pup XD*

(memory missing)

Jbadger prepared fursuit game few hours later after, and this is what happened if you let your husky having too much fun with game materials

*cough cough hmm* JD~~~

After fursuit war......fursuit game was finished, Tig wolf had to leave for work, really sad for both Jaeger and Tig, but they still text messaging afterwards :3

Me and Fxowell headed to final charity raffle. Foxwell and Jaeger put a lot of tickets for their most wanted item, I thought the drawing shouldn't be too crazy so I brought ticket as well. But foxwell end up didn't won his most wanted plushy :'( (jaeger neither) but Jaeger got a foxy puzzle at the end. I was surprisingly won the 2 original sketch from blackteagan, and I can't tell anyone how much I put on tickets.....don't want to get killed (again the two pics will update soon)

Foxwell then hold his pannel for fursuit construction, very interesting and a lot of people were attending, Tony ringtail joined the pannel and shared some information on materials and such, and I was falling asleep from time to time (damn it~) :( need energy drink again

Closing was soon hold after foxwell's pannel. I was with trigger fox during the time, and hanging around with suiters too. I forgot how much we raised for wolves from this con but for a small con, it was a pretty good number I would say :3

man, Asians take over the world XDDDDD (everyone with tiny eyes)

me with Jimmy wolf (and me with a fat chin like Peter)

Thanks too all the con staffs and Shy for putting everything together, it's a good start for a con in north area beside FF, hope FAU will grow bigger and bigger and..........change to a new location!! (highways are scary again)

almost everyone I know went to dinner together at the same time, JD, Jimmy wolf, foxwell, ahhhh...., bursty, kody, tony ringtail, Dex, shortwave, tzup, trigger, Jaeger, and I think 2 or 3 more I forgot :"3 we all served by a pissy waiter from the bar, the pissy waiter later on had extra order of food issue and finally found out it was ordered from one of us before moved to the actual restaurant. (me taking picture on the other end :3)

I ordered a Kahlua milk like Jimmy and JD (loves mix drink) and enjoy quite a bit of time with them during dinner. Dex was in shortwave's suit and having food as well

everyone had dinner in stomach settle down for a while, went to the last dance at the con.........man almost everyone packed their suit already :P
I hugged with Jimmy and JD (n kiss good bye hee hee) because they need to be leaving and for work the next day *sad* but we all enjoyed some glowsticking before they left (with cake too) Jaeger did the sexy Jaeger dance for me *blushes* hwat as usual hee hee ^///^

Seth otter, Dex, Tzup and trigger all joined us later on. We all played glowsticks and goofing around, I was really glad I brought those glowsticks there for everyone to play with, although I know it really hurts to hit themselves ""

hey where are you two looking at?

Seth otter tried to plant strawberry on my neck

*cough cough* and this was not my fault :P

We all danced till the lights on, Dex taught us some dance steps like he did at AC dance 101~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

END of the con *sighs and flops*

I followed up to stay at Tzup's room and rested for like 3 hours, I drove Foxwell back to NYC for work the next day at 6am :3

more NY stuffs to be continued

I guess picture pretty much tells you how I feel during this trip ;) I really glad I took Jaeger's suggestion and went to the con, I met new friends and had really great connection with the old ones too. To me it was like I celebrated my birthday a week early without any cake or candles (well...there was one, wearing pink thingy lol) without gifts, just to be at some place enjoy myself with friends that loves me, was really a wonderful birthday I ever had. Thank you all my friends I met at FAU *hugs foxwell tight* especially Foxwell and dreamwolf :3 I love you guys all

If you would like to see more pictures please visit
my gallery : http://gallery.timduru.org/v/Furry/Kofu/FAUNY/
con gallery : http://www.flickr.com/groups/faunited/pool/
Timduru's website : http://fursuit.timduru.org/view/FurryCon/FAUnited

(sorry I used these pictures without asking for promission, hope it is OK after all :P)

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