Kitt3ns (kitt3ns) wrote in faunited,

Fur Affinity United Volunteers!

Howdy guys!

Fur Affinity United 4, the regions local furry convention, is coming up very quickly! We have about 15 days until the event!

I'm helping out with what I can at the event and I've recently been approached to ask if I can help the volunteering section out!

Every convention needs volunteers, they help watch over headless lounges, check badges, and are all around helpful folks! FAU is no different and with it coming up so fast we want to make sure we have enough help to make the convention a success!

Of course there are perks to advertising other than that warm fuzzy feeling!

You can get a t-shirt for 4 hours.

You can get a free registration for FAU:5 after dedicating 8 hours!

And you get a free super sponsorship for FAU:5 if you dedicate a whopping 12 hours, and you still get the shirt!

All that for helping us make a great con for the regional furs! It's a win/win!

If you want to lend a paw and get a free shirt in the process please send an e-mail to This will get directly to the folks that can help put you in the fast lane to helping out the con!

Looking forward to seeing you there guys and hope you can help us out!

For more info check out the official con website here:
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