And yet more pictures for everybody

Probably a little late to be getting everything up, but here's yet another album full of photos from the con, as promised. Well, as promised to a few of you - everyone else can have them unexpectedly.

There's only two day's worth of photos up at the moment, though, since apparently Flickr has a 200 image limit. If anyone can suggest a better/another place for photo storage, I'll get the rest up as well.

The video of Rockaway getting "Sparta'd" into the pool is still coming. Give it time. Unless someone else already has it up...

This was a fun con!

Hey everybody! Fur Affinity was my second con ever and it was a lot of fun! I am glad I could meet as many of you as I did. If anyone had pictures of my suit, let me know! I couldn't take any, I wasn't wearing pockets. ^.^
My name tag said "John McEnroe" and this is a picture someone else posted to this group.¤t=IMG_1669.jpg

I can't wait for next year! Thank you everyone.

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Hey guys!

FAU was pretty sweet, and I actually went on vacation right after XD; so I'm just wondering if anyone got any pics of these 2 suits:

chai "firecat"

Honeyhead wolverine

Also If you commissioned me in the dealers room and have scans of the artwork I did for you, that would be great too!


FA: U =D


Posting a little late because I've been rediculously busy with job stuff back here in PA.

I wanted to thank all the nice people who stopped by my table and chatted with me and bought prints and badges and stuff. You all rock.

The Gay Blades, The Shitty Grape Lollypops, and The Press were very, very good. I don't know where Sox finds these people. Best opening ceremony ever.

ALSO, I am looking for those pics someone was taking of the costumes with the Dr. Who scarf... I'd love to see the one he took of the scarf tangled in my antlers because I'm a dork and Dr. Who is cool. XD

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Beachball pics

For the brief amount of time I had my bally, I was wondering if anyone got pictures of me running around the convention with it. And I also wondering if it now permanenent part of the light in main room. It does make it look more colorful but not sure if that what designer looking for ^.^;;;
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Do what?

A little something I recorded [very] early this morning. For all of you who missed the dance on Friday. Enjoy.

0DDmix pres. DJ Oddy - F**k The What (Secondary Mirror)
94.5MB - 192Kbit MP3 - 68:48

01) Chicken Lips - Do It Proper (Vandalism Remix)
02) Melleefresh & Deadmau5 - Attention Whore
03) Decaff & Roland Clark - Helpless (Dub Deluxe Remix)
04) Wolfgang Gartner - Montezuma
06) Noiz feat. Yana Kay - Take Me To Your Ride
07) Electrixx - Tokyo Rush
08) Sgt. Slick & Pitch Dark - Automatic Machine (Vandalism Remix)
09) Aeronautics - It's A Fine Day (ZeroSix Club Mix)
10) Degrees of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (Haji & Emanuel Club Mix)
11) Probspot - Bobcat
12) Delerium - Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Neils van Gogh vs. Thomas Gold Remix)
13) Deadmau5 - Everything Before
14) BSOD - Monochrome

Also, I took a few pictures during the "Show & Tell" and... uh... I can't remember what else. They're here if you want to look.
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Fursuit pics

hey every one had a blast at the con with my panther mate i was wondering if anyone got a vid of me playing onstage with the press band in my suit or and pics of mine or my mates suits here were are if u do send them our way many hugs n thanks

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